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Debra Chantry-Taylor

Accredited Advisor

Debra Chantry-Taylor
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Debra Chantry-Taylor

Company Business Action
Position Family Business Advisor | EOS Implementer | Business & Leadership Coach
Address PO Box 9884, Newmarket, AKL, 1010, New Zealand
Mobile +64 9 308 6297 & ‭+61 2 9064 7795‬
Specialities Succession Planning, Strategic Planning, Family Business Culture, Governance and Structure, Leadership Development, Next-Generation Development

I help family businesses and multiple shareholder business owners to work out what the future looks like, how they will get there and how they can work together to achieve it, using EOS Implementation.

I am passionate about helping 2nd Gen family business owners & multiple shareholder, professional services businesses get what they want from their business & their life.

I work with the owners, leadership team & partners to help them understand what they want, develop a plan, discipline & accountability to achieve this & ensure that everyone is doing what they love, with people they love.

I bring an infectious energy, a curious nature & a lot of fun into the session room. I’m not afraid to call out the elephant in the room & I am happy to facilitate difficult conversations in a kind but firm manner, to ensure that everyone is heard & the right decision is made for the business & the family.

I have lived the high life, finding huge success with large privately owned companies & the low life, having lost it all, not once but twice.

I use these experiences, along with my formal qualifications in my EOS role as Teacher, Facilitator & Coach.

EOS implementation / Leadership Coaching can truly transform an organisation & I’ll help you & your leadership team focus on solving the issues that hold you back.

Having worked with >600 business owners & having led teams of hundreds myself, I’d love to help you.