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Family Business Excellence Awards

Celebrate Your Success

Family Business Association (FBA) celebrates success in family business through the Family Business Excellence Awards.

The Family Business Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of families and individuals in respected and successful family businesses of all sizes and at all stages, acknowledging the significant contribution they make to the Australian and New Zealand social fabric and economy.

Entries for all award categories for 2024/25 are now open:

  • Submissions for the Business Award Categories close 30 June 2024.
  • Submissions for the Individual Award Categories close 31 October 2024.

Award entries are open to FBA members and non-members*, as we celebrate the vital contribution of the family business sector as a whole.

*With the exception of the Accredited Advisor of the Year Award, only open to FBA Accredited Advisor Members.

Unlike many other business awards, the Family Business Excellence Awards acknowledge and showcase excellence in family businesses. We invite you to submit your entry, showcasing how your family business is exemplary, and in particular, how family ownership and involvement help the business to achieve competitive advantage.

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  • Founder's Family Business 

    • A business in its early stages of development.
    • Owned and operated by members of the same family.
    • Characterised by their relatively recent establishment.
    • May still be in the process of formalising their structures, systems, and governance processes.

    Established Family Business 

    • A business that has solidified its position within its industry and community.
    • Having undergone phases of growth, maturation, and succession planning.
    • Often have formalised structures, systems, and governance processes in place.
    • Have clear roles and responsibilities among family members and non-family employees.
    • Have protocols for decision-making and conflict resolution.

    Legacy Family Business 

    • A business that has been established by a family and has been passed down through multiple generations.
    • These businesses often have a rich history and tradition, with family members playing key roles in both ownership and management.
    • A business that demonstrates the intention to sustain the business over the long term, with a focus on preserving the family's values, culture, and heritage.
    • Legacy family businesses often face unique challenges related to succession planning, governance, and maintaining family harmony alongside business success.

    Business Categories Award Criteria

    How Does It Work?

    The business-focused awards include three categories: Founder's Family Business, Established Family Business and Legacy Family Business. Each of these categories is first awarded across 6 State/Regional finalists - NSW/ACT, SA/NT, QLD, VIC/TAS, WA and NZ – announced at the local Family Business Insights State Conferences during September – October 2024.

    All six State/Regional winners will then be made finalists in each of the business award categories - Founder’s, Established and Legacy Family Business - and are required to interview with the judging panel during November 2024. An overall winner in each category will be announced and presented at the Family Business Excellence Awards Dinner at the annual Family Business Conference: Asia-Pacific in May 2025.

    Finally, the business that achieved the highest collective score from across all categories will receive The Family Business of the Year Award. Please note: this award will be determined solely by judges' selection.

  • Accredited Advisor of the Year Award

    The Accredited Advisor of the Year Award recognises a range of contributions acknowledged through their engagement with FBA; an individual who has contributed to FBA, its members and family businesses over an extended period of time (min. 4 years).

    Accredited Advisor of the Year Award Criteria

    (this category is open to FBA Accredited Advisor/Specialist Accredited Advisor Members only)

    Emerging Leader in Family Business Award

    The Emerging Leader in Family Business Award recognises an outstanding person who is successfully navigating the path to leadership in their family business. The Emerging Leader will embrace best practices in the business, and will demonstrate commitment to, and understanding of, the family’s values and history.

    Emerging Leader in Family Business Award Criteria

    Leading Woman in Family Business Award

    The Leading Woman in Family Business Award recognises an outstanding woman who demonstrates significant achievements in business leadership and who champions and supports the role of women in family business and the wider community.

    Leading Woman in Family Business Award Criteria

    How Does It Work?

    The individual-focused awards include three categories: Accredited Advisor of the Year, Leading Woman in Family Business and Emerging Leader in Family Business.

    The winner of each individual award category will be announced and presented at the Family Business Excellence Awards at the annual Family Business Conference: Asia-Pacific in May 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please free free to refer to the FAQ sheet below for answers to some common questions.

FAQ sheet

Entries may be:

• Self-nominated

• 3rd party- nominated or,

• By referee. Entries by referee should be sent to or and FBA will contact the nominated party [individual/business] accordingly. Thereafter it is the responsibility of the nominated party to submit their own award entry at their discretion. 

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