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Forum Groups

Many family business leaders engage in our confidential peer-to-peer discussion groups. Guided by professional facilitators, our Forum groups are a platform to collectively share and learn from others’ perspectives to drive positive change for personal development and business solutions. Embrace your very own unofficial advisory board to confidently navigate your family business dynamics.

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Forum Group Program

Our Forum Program has been a cornerstone of FBA for 25 years, fostering a community where like-minded peers come together for collective learning, growth and support.

Forum Groups offer a supportive and confidential space to navigate challenges, raise tough issues and talk them through, workshop ideas or issues, and celebrate successes. Led by an accredited family business facilitator, the Forum Program is your unique opportunity to seek counsel, learn from other’s experience, and share your own learnings. Running a family business can be extremely rewarding but it does come with a number of complexities and challenges. Ultimately, no one understands the nuances of family business better than you and your peers.


Maximise your FBA Experience with the Forum Group Program

Interested in joining a Forum Group? Begin the process by completing our application form. All information collected is confidential. Our Forum Group Manager will utilise the information provided in matching you to your Forum Group, resulting in an equally rewarding and beneficial placement for all involved.

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More about FBA's Forum Group Program

Forum Groups are made up of 6-12 family business leaders, executives and CEOs from non-competing businesses bound by confidentiality and are encouraged to speak freely as they share concerns and potential strategies with like-minded peers. 
A rigorous application process ensures that applicants and forum groups are matched to protect confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest for all participants.

Forum Groups will meet 10 times a year for 4-hour sessions (in-person), or 3-hour sessions (virtual), led by an experienced and accredited family business facilitator. The group is a confidential and safe space to share your ideas, talk through roadblocks, view your issues through a different lens and gain moral support. The groups instil accountability and knowledge sharing with countless generations of experience distilled through the participants. Learn from your peers and drive positive change in your family business.

The program also offers support on a personal level, a trusted group to not only discuss business ideas and challenges but personal and family ones too. Forum Groups are an opportunity to 'find your tribe' and make lifelong connections that help you grow.

As part of your Forum Group Program, topics of discussion are guided by the members and may include family business succession planning, conflict resolution, family business dynamics, business and strategic planning, governance, emerging markets and business trends, human resources, sales and marketing, business leadership, organisational behaviour and psychology. Your group may also elect to bring in an expert on a topic of interest, using that session to focus on upskilling as a group. There are also optional yearly Forum Retreats to get away from the day-to-day of your family business and deep dive with your Forum Group.

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Is Forum Group right for me?

FBA offers three types of Forum Groups:

  • In-Person Forum Groups
  • Forum Groups for Women
    Designed to recognise the vital role women in family businesses play, we offer a unique Forum Group that provides support, guidance and networking opportunities, exclusively for women. Facilitated by Lea Boyce, this forum group is a collaborative space for women to learn and share experiences regardless of their level of involvement within the business.
  • Virtual Forum Groups
    An accessible and flexible way to participate in Forum Group, Virtual Forum offers the same confidential, safe and trusted space through the convenience of an online platform.

We can help you find the right fit. 
Our rigorous application process will help find the right fit for you and the rest of your forum group.


What your peers have to say

Matthew Stevens
Webster-pak ®

“Being able to share experiences, learnings and consider opportunities in a confidential environment with others who have similar values is extremely helpful. I see the forum group as a professional development program that helps me stay focused on achieving my goals in my personal, family and business life.”

Anthea Hammon
Scenic World

“My siblings and I are in forum groups, which have been invaluable in having a space to speak freely and workshop issues with like-minded leaders.

Your Commitment

Attend 10 meetings per year (February to November) at $4,195.45 per annum (in-person)* or $3,459 per annum (virtual)* and a willingness to ensure confidentiality for your fellow forum group members. Forum Group Retreats are offered at an additional cost. *Costs exclude GST.

Please note: Forum Group participants require an active Family Business Association Membership.


Find your Forum Group:

We would love to explore your interest with you. Call Olivia Spalding, Forum Group Manager on +61 3 9123 4412 or email for a confidential discussion.
You won't regret the connections you make and the opportunity to talk through your thoughts with a group of impartial leaders who empathise with the unique characteristics of family businesses. 

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