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NSW CBD Advisor Connect Meeting - Jun 2024

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Join us for the next Advisor Connect Meeting by registering below.

This is an opportunity for advisors and other professionals across multiple disciplines to learn from each other, understand each other’s expertise and build a network that is required as trusted advisors to the unique Family Business sector.

Your local Advisor Facilitator will be your main point of contact.

Note: This event is for Advisors only.

This month's topic: Family Dynamics and Flourishing Across Generations

Wealth can be a powerful tool for uniting families through shared goals and philanthropic endeavours, it can also be a source of conflict if not managed thoughtfully. As we navigate the era of the “Great Wealth Transfer”, focusing solely on financial and legal structures is no longer enough. Decisions regarding inheritance and asset distribution and control become deeply personal, interwoven with family dynamics, personal histories, generational beliefs, and the core values that bind families together.

Kim Venter will be hosting Veronica Peters who will bring her experience as a psychologist specialising in Family Systems Theory along with her formal education in business and law to the areas of:

  • Family Dynamics
  • Family Systems Theory
  • Complexity and conflict in families
  • Succession
  • Emotional Maturity and Leadership

We look forward to an engaging and open session with the advisors exploring how awareness of the complexities and dynamics at play are important in the work we do in supporting families and businesses towards long term success.

About our Speakers: Kim Venter, JBWere, Director – Family Advisory

Kim joined JBWere in 2022 from Canada where she held the position Portfolio Manager/Investment Adviser with a top wealth management firm. With nearly 20 years of wealth management experience, including private banking and investment management in both Canada and South Africa, she brings a diverse understanding of enterprise client service to the team.
Kim is passionate about building trusted client relationships and providing tailored advice and support associated with the transition of wealth and control across generations.
She works closely with the specialists across the business to design and implement a tailored framework that allows the family to address all aspects of their enterprise so that they can preserve and grow the wealth and legacy well into the future.

Veronica Peters, Leadership Coach at Leadership In Mind

Veronica Peters, a leadership coach and consultant, has worked as a psychologist for more than 25 years. She has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Juris Doctor, a post-graduate law degree, to better help people, their families and businesses. Veronica has combined her psychology experience specialising in Family Systems Theory and more recently, her formal education in business and law. She aims to share her passion by helping people grow in their relationships both at home and at work, by building their responsibility, emotional maturity, confidence and decision-making.

Veronica has founded Leadership in Mind to help people and their businesses in making decisions around succession planning, the transition of wealth to the next generation, family business issues that need to be resolved, or family philanthropy.

We look forward to seeing you there.

This is a hybrid event and you may attend in person or online. If you are intending to attend online, please contact Lisa Jay, FBA NSW/ACT State Representative for the link,

Thank you to our Event Host

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please contact the FBA Office on 1800 249 357 if you require assistance with your registration.

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