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NSW/ACT Advisor Connect Meeting Parramatta - May 2024

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Join us for the next Advisor Connect Meeting by registering below.

This is an opportunity for advisors and other professionals across multiple disciplines to learn from each other, understand each other’s expertise and build a network that is required as trusted advisors to the unique Family Business sector.

Your local Advisor Facilitator will be your main point of contact.

Note: This event is for Advisors only.

This month's topic: Unique opportunity to learn from advisor Daniel Prypchan's personal story

Daniel comes from two very different families, both in business for three generations. As an advisor, he will provide us with invaluable insights into the inner workings of families, particularly dysfunctional ones. He will share the effects of trauma, abuse, discrimination, and more as they span generations, and how these unspoken issues affected his families. Most importantly, he will guide us on how to find forgiveness and sanity after generations of trauma, and how to spot and deal with these issues.

Daniel will guide us through his presentation so that as advisors, we are:  

  • Aware of how deep and destructive multi-generational trauma can be.
  • Aware that without healing dynamics, work with families is more difficult,
  • Aware of questions that can be asked to find out or be aware of dynamics.
  • Aware of the tips as to how to deal with dysfunctionality in families when one comes across it.

About our Speaker: Daniel Prypchan

Daniel has presented at international FBN events 4 times and will be talking about how shame and taboos can destroy a family in business at the FBN 2024 Global Summit in Tokyo, Japan. He is a Venezuelan-born Australian Chief Financial Officer, Producer and Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). Daniel has extensive experience in the management of financial affairs across a variety of industries. Daniel has dealt with family businesses all his life, having been raised and being part of two families with large investments across the hospital & pharmaceutical business, farming, banking, real estate and construction. Daniel has dealt with years of family feuds and experienced first-hand how dysfunctional family dynamics can destroy even the most successful business. Daniel is a certified conflict resolution consultant and succession planner and has a depth of understanding of family dynamics and how to change them.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For those unable to attend in person, this will be a hybrid event. If attending online, you will receive instructions upon registering.

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Please contact the office on 1800 249 357 if you need assistance registering for this event.

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