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Family Business Insights - State Conference VIC/TAS 2024

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Family Business Association proudly presents the Family Business Insights State Conference hosted in Victoria on Friday, 11 October 2024.

Immerse yourself in this half-day premier event as you connect, share and grow with your Victorian and Tasmanian peers.

Throughout this unrivalled conference program you will be inspired by high calibre speakers and a keynote presentation. You’ll gain valuable insights as they take you on an exploration of topics including leadership, avoiding insolvency in family businesses, succession through the sale of the business and managing family employees.

Family Business Excellence Awards

This year we will also be announcing and celebrating your local Family Business Excellence Awards winners over lunch before the program begins. 

Meet the speakers

Session 1: A Journey of Leadership in Family Business: An Insider Perspective

Andrew Muir
Former CEO
The Good Guys

Andrew Muir is a successful business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist. As CEO of The Good Guys, he led his family’s business to become Australia’s leading household appliances and electronics retailer.

Andrew has over 25 years of experience in retail, leadership, strategy and management. He served as Executive Chairman of The Good Guys from 2005 to 2017 following his tenure as CEO from 1993. He is also the co-founder of the national Best Friends Pet Supercentres chain, the founder of the digital timeline app Momatu and was the founder of The Good Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that promoted good health and nutrition, including Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia.

He is known for maintaining a long-term view in business and for his unwavering persistence particularly during tough times. Andrew will share his insights on leadership, recognising personal limitations, the importance of personal development and investing in staff to drive a business forward and fostering a thriving organisational culture

Session 2: Avoiding Insolvency in Family Businesses
Elizabeth Guerra-Stolfa
Rigby Cook Lawyers
Adrian Misano
Matthews Steer
Ivan Glavas

All businesses face insolvency risk, yet it is a risk more often ignored than managed. Appropriate accounting advice is essential for clients to manage insolvency risk, as is good legal hygiene.  Making sure one’s commercial contracts afford some protection from insolvency risk is also key.  If protective measures are taken early, a client’s key business assets and family wealth can be protected if an insolvency event is looming, or even worse, if it occurs.

This session will highlight the red flags and protective measures from an accounting and legal point of view, a case study of how a family business pulled itself out from the brink of collapse and also the process of voluntary administration from an insolvency specialist.

Session 3: How to Manage Family Employees

Murray Furlong
General Manager
Fair Work Commission 
Rae Bonney
 Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Specialist 

Family businesses employ all facets of our ever evolving definition of  'family'. It can be difficult to exercise business codes of conduct in many situations, particularly around performance management and termination of employment.

In this session Murray Furlong from the Fair Work Commission will discuss the current legislation regarding employment contracts and policies for family members and the processes for handling dismissal and redundancy.

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Rae Bonney will then provide insights and management tools that support the establishment of safe and healthy boundaries of care.

Session 4
Redefining Success and Succession Through the Sale of the Business

Brendon Considine
Compton Gem
Daniel Considine
Secon Freight Logistics

Any family business, however successful, will reach a day when ownership will change hands. Whether it’s passing the business down to family members or selling, there is no one solution as each family’s expectations and situation are different from the next.

Hear the experiences of successful family business leaders from two generations about what motivated their decision to go down the sales pathway.

Established in 1969 by the Considine family, Secon is a leader in the freight industry, with loyal and long-standing clients and a reputation for service excellence. Secon operates with approximately 160 staff across two strategically located sites in Victoria and provides specialised port logistics, bulk logistics, warehouse and distribution services.

Second and third generation family members Brendon and Daniel Considine will discuss their decision to sell, the sales process, how current CEO Daniel Considine and other family members have maintained their roles post-sale and the overall impact on the family. They will also discuss the importance of and methods used to preserve generational wealth post-sale, which serves to maintain family unity and reinforce ownership of assets across families and generations.

Program Outline

Please note: Program is subject to change.

Networking Drinks
Networking drinks will round off the celebrations, so we hope you will stay for this wonderful opportunity to connect with other members.

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