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Forum Group Information Session (Online) - Aug 2023

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Supercharge your time. Find your Forum today.

This event will introduce family business leaders (and future leaders) to the FBA professionally facilitated Family Business Forum Group meeting model. You will be with a small group of preselected, business leaders and one or two existing members of the forum community. You will experience firsthand the techniques used within Family Business Forum Group.

Running a family business can be extremely rewarding yet it does come with a number of complexities and challenges. 

For over 23 years, Family Business Association's Forum Group Program has provided a confidential space where family business leaders, executives and CEOs can raise tough issues and workshop concerns. Other members, who have had similar experiences, offer their insights while being guided by an experienced group facilitator. 

During this complimentary online information session, you will hear from experienced Forum Group Facilitators and program participants to find out why they value the program so highly. This is an interactive, online session where we will facilitate a quasi-forum session and you will also have the opportunity for Q&A.

Why should you join a forum group?
•    Gain perspective outside the family dynamics
•    Talk freely, without judgement
•    Surround yourself with like-minded family business leaders
•    Discuss topics such as strategic planning, governance, human resources, marketing strategies, family business succession, conflict resolution and family business dynamics.

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn about the coveted FBA Forum Group Program and how it can help the professional growth of you and your family business.
  • Understand the benefits of being in a forum group and how the groups work.
  • Meet other potential group members and the facilitators.

The session also covers the placement process which ensures applicants are matched with the most appropriate group free of professional or personal conflicts.

Specialist Facilitator: David Williams

David is a Forum Group Facilitator and his expertise is in organisational development and change. With a keen interest in the relationship between Leadership, Strategy and Change David has worked with many organisations to develop the capability level of their management and executive teams and deliver significant strategic change programs. 

Please note: This online information session is open to family business members and owners.

Please contact Olivia Spalding, Forum Group Manager on +61 3 9123 4412 or at if you have any questions.

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