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WA Family Business Coffee Connect - Sep 2023

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Join Me at our Next coffee connect in September at the Roasting Warehouse South Fremantle.


Located on South Terrace, the Roasting Warehouse is a unique cafe serving premium in house roasted coffee and high quality food.

At Roasting Warehouse, coffee runs through our DNA. We believe everyone should enjoy a great coffee. Our mission is to ensure every note of every bean is extracted to perfection. Each blend is carefully crafted to produce a unique profile. Whether it’s our rich Evolve or smooth Early Bird, at Roasting Warehouse, great coffee awaits you.

With many years of hospitality experience, we understand our industry’s needs. As a family business spanning three generations, we have dared to dream big. Those dreams have allowed us to grow from a boutique micro-roastery in North Melbourne to a state-of-the-art roasting facility in Airport West and now in Fremantle WA !

We look forward to welcoming our FBA members and other family businesses.

Please contact Katie at or 0408900350 if you have any questions or need assistance registering for this event.

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