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Workshops for a Solid Foundation (Governance in Family Business) - July 2024

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Governance refers to the structures, systems and processes concerned with ensuring an organisation’s overall direction, effectiveness, supervision (control) and accountability. Having formal governance structures assists open communication between family members, reduce internal conflicts, nurture the next generation of leaders, and develop a shared family vision for the future.

Specific Objectives

This workshop will enable participants to:  

  • Understand what Governance involves for families in business.   

  • Why Governance is vital for any size family business.  

  • Governance is an essential focus for the family, the business they operate and for owners. 

  • Understand the elements that make up sound governance in family business.  

  • Be able to assess where they are on their governance journey and plan further steps to take towards sound governance. 

*Please note that these workshops are for family business owners in South Australia only.

Who should attend 

  • Small and family business owners in South Australia


Kasia Maczuga | Andreyev Lawyers

Kasia has assisted families comprehensively re-structure the way they hold assets in a tax-effective and protective manner, assisted families to put in place comprehensive succession plans and has undertaken complex property transactions, often in conjunction with other trusted family advisors.  Kasia has experience in advising individuals and families experiencing disharmony and conflict, both within the family group and with external parties.

Kasia understands that in family enterprises, legal issues are multi-faceted and need to take into account family dynamics, existing investment and business structures, as well as competing personal goals. Kasia provides pragmatic and effective guidance and legal support to families and individuals who face these unique challenges.

Andrew Andreyev Andreyev Lawyers

Andrew has a broad skillset, based on a diversity of professional experience. He has worked as a tax accountant (with a Big 4 firm), as a merchant banker (in structured finance with Macquarie Bank), and as a lawyer (in national and international practices in Australia and the United Kingdom). Since returning to Australia in 2001, he has run his own boutique law practice with offices in Sydney and Adelaide.

These days Andrew applies his considerable technical skills and experience to assist a particular type of client: entrepreneurs and investors. These range from small start-ups, to major international businesses – with the common thread being an entrepreneur or family at the centre of the enterprise.

An initiative of the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business and the South Australian Small Business Strategy 2023 – 2030.

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Please contact the office on 1800 249 357 or if you have any questions or need assistance registering for this event.

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