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Strategic Business Planning for Family Businesses

Achieve your family business’ growth and profit targets

Family Businesses need new capabilities and experienced support to drive the success of their business and adapt to rapidly evolving market demands consistent with their families' objectives.
If you’re tired of ‘ground-hog’ years where little to no change occurs, join our self-paced, guided program to implement a strategic plan to accelerate your growth and profit objectives.

Practical outcomes, not theory

  • Learn a wealth of powerful tools and processes to share the way you develop or refine your family business strategic plan
  • Get clarity around where the family business is now as well as a vision for the future
  • Understand your business’ competitive advantage and what makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the market
  • Capture all your great learnings and insights from the program into an actionable one-page plan for your business
  • Boost your probability of change success with your strategic plan
  • Receive accountability and support from your facilitator for the duration of the program
Who should attend:
  • Current and future leaders of the Family Business

This online course is delivered over an 8-week period as self-paced online modules. Webinar sessions will be held via zoom.

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