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Owner Manager Courses

Making Your Family Business Better…

Family Business Association is excited to partner with Australian Owner Manager to provide you with access to their unique range of programs designed specifically for Owners and Managers in family-owned businesses.

Their flagship, Owner Manager Program (OMP) has been taken by many FBA members, giving them the confidence, clarity and connections to help take their family business to the next level.

“It’s (OMP) an MBA on steroids AND something that has relevance to your business…it’s money
very, very well spent”

Amanda and Wroxton Innes
Greg Grant Saddlery and OMP Alumni

Australian Owner Manager is a leading provider of highly practical and tailored programs for owners of family-owned businesses looking for business and personal growth. 

Programs available include:

Owner Manager Program (OMP)

The Owner Manager Program (OMP) is Australia’s only program for owners of mid-sized private businesses looking for personal and business growth. OMP is a highly practical, comprehensive and results-driven experience that follows a proven philosophy and process that has been tested and refined for more than a decade. Designed specifically for and exclusive to owners of mid-sized businesses with revenues between $3m - $100m, OMP is tailored to give owners practical tools, clarity, and connections to improve.

Small Business Owner Program (SBO)

SBO (Small Business Owner Program) is a unique immersive education program designed specifically to develop the personal, business, management, and operational capability of small business owners. Designed specifically for owners of small private family-owned businesses with annual revenue of $750k - $3m, SBO is a life-changing experience that follows the same philosophy and process as the highly successful, Owner Manager Program.

OM Leadership Program (OML)

OM Leadership Program (OML) is a unique program designed specifically to develop the personal, business, management and leadership skills of senior managers working in privately-owned family businesses.

Unlike many corporate leadership programs that focus on theoretical principles, OML is a practical, hands-on program focused on the application of business leadership knowledge and management expertise. As part of the program participants complete a project that adds real value to their business.

People & Culture Masterclasses

People & Culture Masterclasses is a two-part series designed to give owners and senior managers in private businesses practical skills and tools to transform finding, hiring and retaining staff.

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