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Get a Global Perspective: The Family Business Conference 2024

We are thrilled to share our line-up of international family business experts presenting at this year's conference. Whether they are travelling from across the world, or across the ditch, these global experts bring a wealth of family business experience and knowledge that transcends borders.

31 January, 2024
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We are thrilled to share our line-up of international family business experts presenting at this year's conference. Whether they are travelling from across the world, or across the ditch, these global experts bring a wealth of family business experience and knowledge that transcends borders.


Our global experts will focus on growth and harmony through keynote addresses, interactive masterclasses, and inspirational talks. Most importantly, they will leave you with actionable takeaways to help you continue to thrive and navigate the complexities of family business in today's dynamic landscape.

Our international lineup of speakers

Nadine Toe Toe

Director, Kohutapu Lodge & Tribal Tours

In one of New Zealand's most socially and economically disadvantaged communities, Nadine Toe Toe, along with her husband and team, offers 'real people tourism' providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a modern Māori community. Their efforts also extend beyond their borders to other Indigenous communities globally, providing a platform for cultural preservation, showcasing the diverse heritage and practices of each community while also addressing shared challenges and fostering sustainable solutions.


Special Address: Nadine Toe Toe's Story

Our Women in Family Business breakfast aims to shine a spotlight on successful women. It's a platform designed to showcase their achievements, journeys, and the invaluable contributions they make to family enterprises.

This year, we are delighted to be celebrating Nadine Toe Toe and her important work in the Indigenous and regenerative youth cross-cultural exchange program. Nadine is a truly inspirational female leader, join us at the special breakfast to be inspired and learn from Nadine's story - all genders are welcome.

Learn More | Nadine

Rajeev Peshawaria

CEO, Stewardship Asia Centre

Joining us from Singapore, Rajeev is a best selling author who constantly challenges conventional wisdom on leadership, management, stewardship, sustainability, and corporate governance. He is a sort after international speaker and consultant, and was named one of the Top 100 Global Thought Leaders for Trustworthy Business by 'Trust Across America' in 2014 and 2017.


Sustainable sustainability, why ESG is not enough

Rajeev will delve into the limitations of ESG and showcase how steward leaders not only navigate these challenges but excel at the intersection of doing well and doing good. In this insightful session, you will be guided on a transformative journey to align growth with purpose. Rajeev will draw on practical examples, offering a first-hand look at what it truly means to lead in today's dynamic world.

Learn More | Keynote

Natalie M. McVeigh

Managing Director, Eisner Advisory Group LLC

Joining us from New York, Natalie is a seasoned consultant and coach, and internationally recognised speaker on topics of family business dynamics, the neuroscience of trust, and emotional intelligence.

After her impactful address last year, we are thrilled to have Natalie return to the Family Business Conference.


Conversation and communication basics… yes, we also mean conflict

In this keynote address, Natalie will share how to project both competence and confidence in a negotiation, while still building trust, enhancing relationships and reaching collaborative and mutually beneficial solutions.


Advisor know thyself and family systems

In this dynamic workshop, we will identify patterns of behaviour that can create unique problems for family businesses, and look at the cause and effective methods to alter these patterns to improve communication and family cohesion.

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Dr Jamie Weiner

Co-Director, The Quest for Legitmacy

Jamie’s life experience and professional foundation as a psychologist, family business consultant, researcher and innovator inspired the groundbreaking model for navigating the unique struggles of growing up in a prominent family.

Russ Haworth

Co-Director, The Quest for Legitmacy

Russ is a specialist family business advisor with a background in financial planning and wealth management. Based in the UK, Russ has been working with families in business all over the world for over 15 years and has been awarded the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute.


The Quest for Legitimacy: The bridge between generations

In this immersive and engaging session, Jamie and Russ will explore the role that legitimacy plays in building bridges between generations within a family business. You will leave with vital tools to confront the challenges inherent in building bridges between different age groups and uncover actionable steps essential for driving positive, transformative changes in generational dynamics.


Emerging from the shadows: finding your unique place in the world

During this interactive masterclass, Jamie and Russ will help you understand the emerging generation's personal quest for legitimacy. All generations of a family business will leave this Masterclass recognising the power of Breaking Moments and understanding the four phases of the Quest - Awareness, Tug of War, Exploration and Ownership.

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