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Meet Our Member: AGEM Property Group

We spoke with FBA member, Adrian Fiore, to learn more about his family business and major milestones for the business.

6 May, 2024
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We spoke with FBA member, Adrian Fiore, to learn more about his family business and major milestones for the business.

How it started

Adrian Fiore, the founder and managing director of AGEM Property Group, stands out in the field of commercial property investment. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen has propelled the family business to success in the dynamic landscape of property investment.

As a certified accountant with extensive professional experience in finance, investment, and property industries, Adrian leveraged his family's long-standing involvement in property development to fuel his entrepreneurial journey. In 2011, he established AGEM Property Group with the vision of providing fellow families opportunities to co-invest alongside his own in commercial properties, offering risk-adjusted above-market returns.

AGEM’s major success

Over the past 12 years, AGEM has transformed into a dedicated team of property professionals, focusing on high-quality, risk-mitigated commercial property investments. AGEM's in-house expertise assisted them in successfully delivering the $14 million Iluka Plaza shopping centre on time, amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Situated within the City of Joondalup, Iluka Plaza, a specialty retail centre, was built on AGEM’s model of securing both prime sites and reputable anchor tenants (IGA Tucker Fresh, Iluka Medical Centre, Nido Early School), fostering a low-risk investment environment and ensuring robust, consistent returns.

AGEM's operations maintain a deep connection with its family legacy, with the AGEM family co-investing alongside other families across Australia. This collaborative approach strengthens the bond between AGEM and its investors, ensuring the enjoyment of long-term passive income returns for generations to come.

Joining Family Business Association

Adrian, driven by his passion for all things property and a profound interest in knowledge exchange, became a member of Family Business Association. His goal is to enhance his understanding through events and networking opportunities with like-minded family businesses.

Recognising the importance for many families to diversify investments, generate passive income, or establish a lasting legacy, Adrian invites those interested in exploring commercial property investment, either independently or alongside AGEM, to reach out and join him for a conversation over a good old-fashioned espresso!

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