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Meet Our Member: Pamela Jabbour from Total Image Group

We spoke with FBA member, Pamela Jabbour from Total Image Group, to learn more about their family business and the work they do in designing fit-for-purpose and fashion-forward uniforms.

22 April, 2024
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We spoke with FBA member, Pamela Jabbour from Total Image Group, to learn more about their family business and the work they do in designing fit-for-purpose and fashion-forward uniforms.


Tell us about your business?

Total Image Group (TIG) is a proudly run Australian family business specialising in the design and supply of fit-for-purpose and fashion-forward uniforms. Since its establishment in 2005, Total Image Group has been dedicated to crafting high-quality products that not only make individuals look good but also feel good. With a history of manufacturing in China for over 40 years as Tradebond, the company dresses over 350,000 Australians daily, emphasising the importance of telling a brand's story through the uniforms people wear.

Recognising the pivotal role of uniforms in shaping organisational identity, TIG is dedicated to streamlining the management of uniforms through a total end-to-end service approach for businesses of all sizes, ranging from 20 staff to 110,000, with services such as custom design, allocation management, tailored online stores, dedicated marketing, multi-location and inventory management, account management, and sales support.

More than just a uniform supplier, TIG considers its clients as part of the extended family, ensuring a personalised and meaningful journey in creating uniforms that encapsulate the essence of each business. Passionate about bringing both fashion and function to uniforms, Total Image Group is committed to delivering uniforms that are not only stylish but also purposeful.

What has been your greatest success?

I take great pride in having had the opportunity to contribute to the design of some of Australia's most recognised uniforms in various sectors, including retail, automotive, early learning, and healthcare. Collaborating with leading brands and being entrusted to convey their stories and brand identity through my creations is a source of immense satisfaction for me. I am equally, if not more, proud of our team's reputation and the strong sense of recognition we have earned in the industry. We are recognised as leaders in the uniform space, driven by a deep passion for quality, design, and service, while what I value most is the widely recognised essence, culture, and DNA of our company.

What do you value about FBA?

I became a part of FBA because I wanted to engage with fellow family businesses, seeking opportunities to learn, share experiences, and establish connections with those who understand the distinctive challenges associated with managing a family enterprise. My primary objective was to gain insights into best practices and ensure the optimal setup of my family business for sustained success.

My goal is to be a successful family multigenerational business, characterised by harmony and clearly defined paths for future family members eager to contribute to our shared narrative. Admittedly, before joining FBA, the idea of building a multi-generational family business seemed daunting, as I feared potential complications within my family. Now, it’s something I strive for, firmly believing that when executed correctly, creating a multigenerational family business can be the most significant and enduring legacy for one's family.

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