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Meet Our Member: Soniclean

We spoke with the team at Soniclean to learn more about their story and family business.

29 April, 2024
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We spoke with the team at Soniclean to learn more about their story and family business.

Soniclean is a multi award-winning medical device company boasting over 30 years of ultrasonic technology research and development for the primary purpose of cleaning surgical instruments. Soniclean was established in 1993 by Wah Tong Lee and his beloved, now late, wife, Susan Lee - a Royal Adelaide Hospital nurse educator turned entrepreneur. Recently, Soniclean’s Owner, Wah Tong and daughter, CEO Robyn Lee became members of FBA and we look forward to supporting their inter-generational family business journey.


What makes your family business unique?

Every family business would be unique, however it might be interesting to know Soniclean was co-founded by childhood sweetheart teachers that migrated to Adelaide in the 70s from Malaysia. An art / music teacher, and a nurse educator. Soniclean was created from a marriage of art, music and commitment to education-led healthcare. These values continue to guide our approach to design and business at this time.

Why did you join FBA?

We joined to be among other successful multi-generational family businesses to both benefit from diverse experiences, as well as to offer our own.

What piece of advice would you offer another family business?

Patience, kindness and compassion for oneself and others is always a good practice. Trust and accept things as the way they are. Stay focused on the tasks at hand and have something just for you outside of it. Learn what your values are at different stages of your life and be curious and respectful of others. Understand that different generations develop behaviours and mindsets under different societal conditions. Know what is yours to deal with. Like with all living things, things happen in cycles. Recognising the business is a family business, will surely help to take care of the family and the business.

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