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Why Family Business Matters? A Celebration of SSS Strawberries

KPMG and Family Business Association (FBA) work together to support family businesses across our nation. Family Businesses are the backbone of Australia's economy and make a significant broader contribution to the communities in which they operate.

3 May, 2024
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KPMG Australia and Family Business Association (AU) acknowledges the extraordinary contribution that SSS Strawberries has made to Australia’s economic prosperity and success.

The ‘SSS’ in SSS Strawberries stands for ‘Seven Successful Siblings’, with all seven siblings holding key roles in the business and sit on the board. Gem Nguyen, their mother and founder of SSS has ensured that family values with a future generation focus sits at the heart of their purpose, philosophy and drives decision making.

This iconic Queensland family run and owned strawberry farm has enjoyed phenomenal growth since relocating to Bundaberg QLD from Perth in 2006, with now over 300 acres under cultivation growing over 4 million strawberry plants making them one of Australia’s largest strawberry growers and one of the biggest employers in the region with over 350 staff during their peak season.

The success of this family business has grown in a high-risk sector where profitability is influenced by external factors such as weather and economic conditions, a global pandemic, nationwide labour shortages to name a few, is a testament to the businesses ability to innovate when faced with adversity.

This year SSS Strawberries launched the first-largest commercial high tech freeze-dried factory in Australia with an investment of $15m. From this 4,000 square metre freeze drying factory, they will produce more than 2,000 tonnes of fruit up-cycled into high value healthy food. Their new food brand Gina's Table offer variety of healthy freeze-dried fruits snack, freeze dried powder and crumble ready for recipe creation and frozen berries range smooth ready. They will also freeze-dry other local growers’ produce to fight food waste.

Speaking recently with Gina Dang, General Manager of SSS Strawberries, she proudly spoke about how her family are able to give back to their community through the SSS Foundation. Their foundation supports local Bundaberg charities, hospitals, schools, and clubs including Bundaberg Rotary Club, Bundaberg Health Foundation, Meals on Wheels, The Salvation Army, Global Care, Police and Community Youth Clubs (PCYC). This family foundation keeps a strong connection with their homeland in Vietnam and has helped fund over 80 cataract surgeries by providing costs for medical procedures, transport and recovery.

SSS Strawberries is just one of many of Australia’s family businesses who are making a significant impact to Australia’s agricultural footprint, economic resilience and success. Please join us in congratulating SSS Strawberries for their success and significant contribution to Australia’s economy.

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