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Forum Groups

Many family business leaders engage in our confidential peer-to-peer discussion groups. Guided by professional facilitators, our Forum groups are a platform to collectively share and learn from others’ perspectives to drive positive change for personal development and business solutions. Embrace your very own unofficial advisory board to confidently navigate your family business dynamics.

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Forum Group for Women

Are you a woman in a family business?

Do you want to feel empowered and learn from other leading women?

Then this Forum Group is for you!

Designed to recognise the vital role women in family businesses have, Family Business Association offers a unique Forum Group that provides support, guidance and networking opportunities, exclusively for women. 

Facilitated by Lea Boyce, this forum group is a collaborative space for women to learn and share experiences regardless of their level of involvement within the business.

  • This one-of-a-kind program includes 10 facilitated online sessions and a forum retreat.* Each session will focus on empowering women with topics such as:

    • Strengthening the family leadership

    • Relativity

    • Family Focused thinking

    • Supporting women in leadership

    • Family side of business not business side of family

    • Family issues

    • Supporting women to lead families in business

    • Human behaviour, collaborative systems

    • Interpersonal development

    • Focus on family communication

    • Multi-generational women in leadership roles

    With a strong focus on the family dynamic, all women in the family business across multiple generations are encouraged to join and take part in the Forum Group. This will help facilitate co-learning which can be taken back to the business and implemented smoothly.

    • Upskill your knowledge and develop learning / competency in critical family communication

    • Opportunity to be guided and learn real life experiences from a mentor and family business expert over a 12-month learning journey

    • Have fun, connect, learn and share your experiences with other like minded women who all have a common interest – supporting women in family business

    • The facilitator is at every session and will help drive the conversation

    • Grow your FBA network and work collaboratively with other women in family business

  • Lea Boyce | BOYCE Family Office

    With over 25 years’ experience working with start-ups through to large global family businesses in the areas of sales, marketing, financial administration and consulting, Lea understands the challenges facing today’s families in business. She believes in the importance of every family members' role and is particularly committed to mentoring and working with the emerging generation and women in family businesses. This has provided a strong understanding of the importance of inter-generational exchanges, diversity and inclusion especially within private shareholder groups due to their unique dynamic.

    “Women in Family Business face unique challenges as they have to be able to balance and compartmentalise in a life that is completely intertwined. A forum group specifically for women enables them a space where they can share, learn, develop and feel safe in the knowledge that those around them understand the path they are walking. We like to think of this as our extended family.”

Find your Forum Group:

We would love to explore your interest with you. Call Olivia Spalding, Forum Group Manager on +61 3 9123 4412 or email for a confidential discussion. Click here so we can connect with you shortly. 

Your Commitment

10 meetings per year (February to November) at $3,459 (Plus GST/year), and a willingness to ensure confidentiality for your fellow forum group members. Retreats are also offered at an additional cost.

You won't regret the connections you make, the personal growth and development and the opportunity to talk through your thoughts with a group of women who empathise with the unique characteristics of family businesses.