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Family Business Insights 2022 Wrap-up

Family Business Insights Regional Conferences brings together family businesses in each region to share collective knowledge, network and learn. The value of peer-to-peer learning in family business is priceless.  

In an audience of peers, family businesses will share stories and struggles that you would never normally hear. Esteemed family businesses will delve into the real-life challenges and achievements of local and national family businesses.  

At the conferences you can expect to gain valuable insights into family business on topics such as: 

  • Importance of trust in family business 

  • Planning for and implementing family business succession 

  • Non-family leadership in family business 

  • Real life stories of adversity, challenge, and success 

  • Discussion and problem solving on real-life family business issues 

  • Insights into successful family and business strategies and how to apply them to your own business 

  • How to leverage your unique family business advantage. 

You will also have the opportunity for family business networking to reconnect with other family businesses and build new connections. 

2022 Family Business Insights State Conferences Wrap Up

A big thank you to over 600 members and non-members who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the annual Family Business Insights State Conferences around Australia and New Zealand for 2022. We hope participants gained takeaways that they can apply to the family business.

It was also great to celebrate our inaugural Family Business Excellence Awards. Congratulations to all small, medium and large family businesses who received their awards during the two-course seated lunch ceremony.

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