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Family Business Mentoring Service

Welcome to FBA-SBMS Mentoring Services 

Mentoring for Our Members by Our Members 

Are you a family business owner seeking guidance and support from those who understand the unique challenges of running a family enterprise? Look no further! The Family Business Association (FBA) has partnered with Small Business Mentoring Services (SBMS) to bring you an exclusive mentoring program designed to empower and inspire. 

    • Connect with Experienced Family Business Owners: Gain access to a network of successful family business owners who have navigated the complexities of running a family enterprise. Our mentors have volunteered their time and expertise to guide and support fellow members like you. 

    • Personalised Conversations: Engage in one-on-one mentoring sessions tailored to your specific needs. Our mentors will listen to your challenges, share their own experiences, and help you explore practical solutions to drive your family business forward. 

    • Affordable and Convenient: We understand that quality mentorship should be accessible to all family businesses. Our program offers affordable pricing, allowing you to benefit from invaluable insights without breaking the bank. Plus, our online booking system makes scheduling your sessions a breeze. 

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Disclaimer: Guiding Conversations, Not Advice! 

Please note that the mentoring sessions provided through FBA-SBMS Mentoring Services are designed to facilitate guiding conversations and knowledge sharing. While our mentors are experienced family business owners, it is important to understand that the information and insights they provide should not be considered as direct advice. 

Every family business is unique, and the dynamics and challenges may vary significantly. The guidance shared during mentoring sessions should be viewed as suggestions and perspectives, which you can consider while making your own decisions. It is essential that you assess and adapt the information to your specific circumstances and consult with appropriate experts as needed. 

By clicking the "Book Your Session" button, you acknowledge and understand that the mentoring services provided are not intended as professional advice but as a means to facilitate valuable discussions among family business owners. 

We look forward to supporting you on your family business journey!