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Meet Our Member: All Secure Self Storage

We spoke with the team at All Secure Self Storage to learn more about the family business, their legacy and their commitment to technology to enhance the customer experience.

13 May, 2024
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We spoke with the team at All Secure Self Storage to learn more about the family business, their legacy and their commitment to technology to enhance the customer experience.


Celebrating 25 Years of All Secure Self Storage: A Family Legacy

All Secure Self Storage recently marked its 25th anniversary, a significant milestone that reflects not only the growth of the business but also the enduring spirit of family and dedication that runs through its core. It's a time to reflect on the journey of this family-owned business and its remarkable achievements.

The story begins in 1999, when Keith and Lynley Edwards joined forces with Peter and Fiona James to open a small storage facility in Lower Hutt. Joined soon after by son Hamish Edwards, who has been integral in shaping the business, from small beginnings the company has grown into a network of 13 operating facilities and 15 properties across New Zealand.

Expanding Horizons and Overcoming Challenges

Long hours and unwavering commitment became the norm, with milestones etched in concrete - quite literally, as the team poured concrete for their second facility in Christchurch at 3am on Keith and Lynley’s wedding anniversary. The company's expansion continued from Paraparaumu to several Auckland sites, Taupo, Whanganui, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North and more recently into Timaru. Each site bringing with it unique challenges and memories - such as 22 ton concrete panel hanging precariously from a crane for hours in the middle of summer in Paraparaumu. Even birthdays became synonymous with milestones, with the purchase of the Onehunga site in Auckland happening on one of Lynley’s birthdays.

The All Secure Future Development pipeline currently has 2 new developments (Auckland and the Bay of Plenty) and 3 expansions at existing facilities around the country all due to be completed by 2027. Don’t count out a few other developments popping up across that time either.

Technology and Innovation: The All Secure Edge

Quick decision-making is a hallmark of the business – if it ticks the boxes, they do it. The Mangere Facility in Auckland was bought on the same day they first saw it while driving down State Highway 20, showcasing the family's instinct for strategic opportunities.

What sets All Secure apart is its commitment to technology. Innovative customer service initiatives such as online sign up systems and virtual assistants, enhancing the customer experience. Advanced security measures include a network of over 400 AI integrated cameras, with infrared and thermal cameras replacing traditional electric fences, ensuring the utmost safety for clients' belongings.

During the COVID-19 period, the All Secure Team underwent a transformative change with the addition of Rowan, the son-in-law of Keith and Lynley, who was a commercial pilot. This addition transformed the way the team travelled, opening up new possibilities and allowing them to swiftly and effectively reach their various sites across the country. This shift in transportation proved invaluable during critical times, such as supporting rescue operations during ‘Gabrielle’ at the Hawkes Bay sites. Rowan utilised his piloting skills to transport supplies to the affected area and opened the facility doors during power outages, ensuring that people could access much-needed supplies. Interestingly, the use of private flights to transport staff and service providers has raised some eyebrows among observers. Instead of ferrying celebrities, it's tradesmen in high-visibility gear who disembark from the private plane. This unexpected sight challenges traditional perceptions of private air travel, showcasing its utility in serving essential needs beyond luxury or glamour.

A Family Culture

The family has fostered a unique family-oriented culture within All Secure. With a flat structure, where anyone can talk to the owners, fostering a sense of responsibility and inclusion.

The business boasts long service records, with some employees celebrating a decade or more with the company. With 30 staff members across 13 sites, the business emphasises relationships and connection, both within the family and the broader team.

As proud members of FBA, All Secure values the connections formed. Leveraging shared challenges and learnings with like-minded businesses, they've found a supportive community in FBA.

Advice for Family Businesses: One Hat at a Time

As All Secure Self Storage looks towards the future, the Edwards and James families offers a piece of advice based on their own experience: "One hat on at a time. Business is business, family is family.” This encapsulates their pragmatic approach, emphasising the balance between familial ties and professional endeavours that has fuelled their success over the past 25 years.

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