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Meet Our Member: Global Confectionery

We spoke with Chris Mueller at Global Confectionery to learn more about the family business, their history and how they continue to grow and move the business forward.

17 June, 2024
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We spoke with Chris Mueller at Global Confectionery to learn more about the family business, their history and how they continue to grow and move the business forward.

Tell us about your family business?

It all started in 1974 when our parents Kurt and Elfi opened a local milk bar in the world of 1, 2 and 3-cent lollies. Identifying a gap in the market for buying wholesale stock, Kurt took to the road selling bulk lollies and chocolates from his van. The business has grown to now employ 12 staff members, work with convenience stores, supermarkets and boutique chocolate and confectionery stores around the country and fill two warehouses with stocked lines.

How many generations are currently in your family business?

Our business is in our 2nd generation. Mike, my brother and I continue to run the legacy that Kurt and Elfi created. Our greatest success has been the introduction of our online ordering system. The excellent SEO that comes with this has contributed enormously to the expansion of Global Confectionery.

What do you value about FBA?

We are very new members of FBA and have gleaned every opportunity we can from our membership. As an example, later this month I’m looking forward to achieving support and learning from diverse attitudes in my monthly Forum group meetings.

We joined primarily to learn more about running a family business and the support we can achieve from meeting other families who may have stepped through a similar path. From recent discussions, we are renewing our focus for continued success.

What piece of advice would you offer another family business?

Be open to support. In a family business, we all need to learn from each other. We know communication is key however, it's about ensuring conversations can be had with the right people at the right time to support all involved. Moving our business forward, and maintaining good relationships with family, our team, our supply chain and end customers is worth the hard yards.

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