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The Skills Shortage: Attract & Screen Incredible Talent for your Family Business

More than ever we are in a war for great talent, the uncertainty of the last couple of years has left a lasting impact on the job market, with fewer candidates applying across all industries...

19 July, 2022
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More than ever we are in a war for great talent, the uncertainty of the last couple of years has left a lasting impact on the job market, with fewer candidates applying across all industries, and changing candidate expectations. Currently, only 2-3% of applicants are the right fit, making the volume of candidates a high priority. Here’s how you can up your job ad game.

The first challenge of hiring is compelling candidates to apply for your roles. Job ads must be looked at in the same light as standard customer marketing. They need to be designed for a specific targeted audience that sells solutions to very real problems.

It’s an ongoing issue heard time and time again how “there just aren’t that many great candidates.” And although this may be true – have you ever considered how many terrible companies there are out there? If you’re clever, you can leverage this fact and use the right messaging that will draw candidates to you like a magnet.

A Family Business needs to make itself a business an employer of choice, where employees and potential employees can fulfil their career and life goals and not feel as if there is no future.

Family businesses have a unique advantage when it comes to job security as it is one of the primary considerations by job seekers. The longevity of a family business can help ensure the satisfaction and engagement of your current staff and attract potential candidates.

Start by surveying your existing staff and ask them specifically what they are attracted to in your business and their role. Ask questions that also include motivations like pay, self-development, flexibility, autonomy, etc. You could list them all out and ask your staff to rank them in importance from 1 – 10. Which will give you an idea of what is important to them. This will also help with your current staff retention.

Next, conduct a job search for the title you are hiring for on the ad platforms you use. Look at what other jobs are out there and determine exactly what your competitors are offering their applicants. Take note of titles, benefits they are showcasing, and any key selling points they are using. 

Do some market research in your field on what is happening with the hiring market. What are staff demanding? What are they expecting?

Once you have this vital information, you have to leverage it. Write an ad that makes you stand out very obviously against the sea of other jobs which also aligns with the research you’ve done


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In 2021, only 35% of hires were successful. TalentX results are almost double or 1.9 x better with a 67% success rate

In 2021, the average number of applicant for a job ad was 15. TalentX are double, in fact, 2.2 x better with 34 average applicants.

In 2021 it took an average of 82 days to fill a role. TalentX is almost half, 1.8 x better at 44 days to fill*



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