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There’s less than two months until the Family Business Conference 2024: Asia Pacific gets underway in Cairns. We’re excited to bring a line-up of family business experts from across Australia and the world, who will share invaluable insights on sustainable growth and harmony.

12 March, 2024
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There’s less than two months until the Family Business Conference 2024: Asia Pacific gets underway in Cairns. We’re excited to bring a line-up of family business experts from across Australia and the world, who will share invaluable insights on sustainable growth and harmony. 

This is your last chance to take advantage of our special pricing! Register before this Thursday 14 March, to access our early bird offer. 

Across three days, you’ll hear keynote addresses, interactive masterclasses, and inspirational talks from those at the forefront of family business. Most importantly, you'll return with actionable takeaways to help you continue to thrive and navigate the complexities of family business in today's dynamic landscape. 

Don't miss out on the chance to learn first-hand from these leaders in family business. 

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Family Business Speakers

We’re proud to have such a talented and diverse array of speakers for this year’s conference, who bring a wealth of experience and insights into all aspects of running a family business.

Brooke and Klark Quinn, Directors, Sara Lee 

We’re thrilled to welcome Brooke and Klark Quinn at an exciting time for their family business. Earlier this year they acquired much-loved food brand Sara Lee. This isn’t the first time they’ve rescued a well-known brand from the brink: in 2012 the family acquired iconic Australian chocolate maker, Darrel Lea from voluntary administration. Over 30 years, the family has garnered a lot of experience in building businesses and brands, starting with founding VIP Petfoods and growing it into Australia’s second-largest pet food manufacturer. 

Keynote Address: Mastering Family Business Acquisitions 
Brooke and Klark will share more on their meticulous approach on acquiring businesses. They’ll also discuss the governance and compliance structures that have been instrumental in providing the necessary support and resources for their ventures, drawing from lessons passed down through their family and their own experiences. Join us as they share their unique perspectives on acquiring a business on the brink of collapse, and how unlocking the potential in both people and brands has contributed to their growth and success. 

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Pip, Michael, Peter and Ben Woodward, Directors, The CaPTA Group

Pip Woodward, with husband Charles, founded their first tourism venture in North Queensland in 1976, now known as Rainforestation. In subsequent years they grew and diversified this business into the CaPTA Group. Today, it’s North Queensland’s largest privately owned group of attractions and touring companies, operating across Cairns and Port Douglas. After the profound loss of Charles to cancer in 2017, Pip has been determined to continue their shared legacy of a steadfast commitment to community stewardship. 

Pip and Charles’ three sons have continued their parents’ legacy, to grow and diversify a thriving business in the CaPTA group, as well as being active members of the local tourism industry and community in North Queensland. Michael, Peter and Ben pursued higher education and external experience before returning to lead the family business and diversify into other sectors.

Plenary Session: Love, Loss, Crises and Family Resilience 
For almost 50 years, the Woodward family has been pivotal in developing North Queensland’s tourism sector. But tourism has never been easy. Enduring numerous crises and the challenges created by the landscape of tourism changing, the family business has had to consistently evolve and adapt to stay relevant to visitors. During this session you’ll learn how the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders has been passed down, the strategies they have used to grow and diversify, how their business model changed due to crises, and the family’s resilience – what keeps them going?  

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On Wednesday 1 May, we're offering two valuable Masterclasses as an optional extra.

Emerging from the shadows: finding your unique place in the world 

This Masterclass is a do-not-miss for family business owners, successors, next-generation leaders, and stakeholders invested in the continuity and prosperity of family enterprises.  

During this interactive masterclass Dr Jamie Weiner and Russ Haworth share their insights on the emerging generation’s personal quest for legitimacy. 

Motivated by their global research, which explored the lived experience of growing up in a prominent family, Russ and Jamie became passionate about making a difference for those born in the shadow of a giant. Using resources from their highly acclaimed, multi-day RISE Experience, you’ll explore key findings from their research, including patterns very likely present in emerging generation members. 

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Advisor know thyself and family systems 

The Advisor Masterclass is tailored to empower professionals with in-depth insights and strategies essential for advising and guiding family-owned businesses.

There are predictable patterns of behaviour that high net-worth and high-profile families engage in that can create unique problems. In this dynamic workshop, facilitated by conflict resolution expert Natalie McVeigh, we will identify those behaviours, their cause and effective methods to alter patterns to improve communication and family cohesion.

Natalie has extensive experience working with ultra-high net worth clients navigating family enterprise transitions and governance structures. This experience translates to advising family businesses of all sizes.

Based on extensive research, this practical workshop will provide advisors with new skills and insights into their role. 

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