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FBA Education Courses

Family Business Association helps to professionalise family business through personal, professional and community development courses. 

Our range of courses are specifically designed for families in business and address the challenges faced by you. All courses have limited availability to ensure members receive maximum benefit from participation. We strongly recommend that attendees bring key members of their family and management team. Experience has taught us families in business who embrace courses collectively realise a greater benefit. 

Planning Succession for Family Business 

The Planning Succession for Family Business course is targeted to current and future leaders and managers of the family business, as well as non-family executives and other key stakeholders in the transition process. This online course will equip you with the knowledge you need to begin your family business succession planning. 

    • Consider two business exit models: sale and succession 

    • Understand the fundamental ground rules for leadership succession 

    • Determine the key challenges of succession in your family business and how to manage these successfully 

    • Identify the personal attributes and characteristics that can assist in identifying successors 

    • Learn how to nurture and develop potential successors 

    • Understand how to manage the transition successfully 

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Financial Essentials for Family Business 

Unlike other business finance courses, Financial Essentials for Family Business examines business financial management in the context of the family business. This course is designed to address the complexities of family business from a financial perspective.   

    • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your business 

    • Developing key indicators to measure and monitor business performance 

    • Interpreting financial information for strategic decision-making 

    • Valuing your family business 

    • Managing competing family priorities 

    • Separation of family and business 

    • Structuring your business assets 

    • Family business taxation issues 

    • Remuneration within your family business 

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Governance and Directorship for Family Business

There is no other governance and directorship course in Australia or New Zealand specifically designed for family businesses. This is a comprehensive online course that introduces you to governance and leadership principles and how they intersect in family business. ..

    • Business and family governance principles 

    • Integrating family and business governance to best suit your business needs 

    • Legal obligations of business directors and boards 

    • The unique challenges family business directors face 

    • Various options available to structure a board of directors to suit your family business. 

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Family Business Essentials

The Family Business Essentials workshop will provide you and members of your family with the opportunity to spend half a day focusing on the health of your family business, where you want to be and how you can harness your distinct competitive advantage to reach your goals. 

    • Understand the key elements of a successful family business
    • Identify how those key elements apply to your family business
    • Identify areas of your family business that require focus and set priorities
    • Develop an action plan to take back to your business to refine and implement

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Strategic Business Planning for Family Businesses

Family Businesses need new capabilities and experienced support to drive the success of their business and adapt to rapidly evolving market demands consistent with their families' objectives. If you’re tired of ‘ground-hog’ years where little to no change occurs, join our 8-week guided program to implement a strategic plan to accelerate your growth and profit objectives.

    • Learn a wealth of powerful tools and processes to share the way you develop or refine your family business strategic plan
    • Get clarity around where the family business is now as well as a vision for the future
    • Understand your business’ competitive advantage and what makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the market
    • Capture all your great learnings and insights from the program into an actionable one-page plan for your business
    • Boost your probability of change success with your strategic plan
    • Receive accountability and support from your facilitator for the duration of the program

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FBA Advisor Accreditation Program

Want to use your business expertise and experience in the family business sector? Our partnership with the University of Adelaide’s Family Business Education and Research Group (FBERG) has been designed to give you access to a world class education program. After completing the two courses, you’ll receive an Accredited Advisor status where you’ll be well equipped to assist families in business to harness new opportunities and solve the challenges they face. 

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