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Planning Succession for Family Business

Did you know that family business succession isn’t as simple as “handing the baton” to the next most senior member of the family? This complex process impacts the success and future of the family business and is often one that brings up family disputes and tensions.

This succession planning course is designed for everyone in the family business at any stage. Even if succession is still many years away for your family business, early implementation of a transition strategy will set you up for future success. Succession not only impacts the incumbent and their chosen successor but can have far-reaching effects that can cause family conflict and business challenges.

The Planning Succession for Family Business course is targeted to current and future leaders and managers of the family business, as well as non-family executives and other key stakeholders in the transition process.

This online will equip you with the knowledge you need to begin your family business succession planning.

Through facilitated learning and case studies, you will learn: 

  • Consider two business exit models: sale and succession 

  • Understand the fundamental ground rules for leadership succession 

  • Determine the key challenges of succession in your family business and how to manage these successfully 

  • Identify the personal attributes and characteristics that can assist in identifying successors 

  • Learn how to nurture and develop potential successors 

  • Understand how to manage the transition successfully 


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